Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack : Unlimited Bananas Cheats

Despicable me minion rush is a famous and popular mobile game. We usually call this game as minion rush for short. Minion rush was released for both ios and android platforms on June 2013. You can download this game on android market or Apple store. I have played this game for many times. Base on my experience, I will give you some tips about how to play minion rush well. In this gamer, the more bananas you get the better. Why? The biggest reason is that you can use bananas to buy some power-ups in the shop. Such as you can purchase freeze ray with a few of bananas. So in order to win this game easily, you should have a lot of bananas. There is another secret which is you can buy golden bananas to double your bananas’ amounts. With the golden banana, you can make any bananas you pick up in this game worth double for a life time. By the way, the golden banana will cost you $4.99.

You may want to find a way to get banana as many and fast as possible. Plus it is a good deal no need to pay for them. When you search keyword “minion rush hack” in a certain search engine, you will find a lot of information about this. However, I usually use this hack tool to get bananas. The name of this hack tool is called DespicableMe Minion Rush Hack and the current version is 3.1.  There is another awesome feature made in this hack tool – you can generate unlimited tokens too. This hack tool is very easy to use not like others in the Internet. You just need to connect your mobile device to your computer then click some buttons. That’s done. The tool will handle the rest of things for you. You just need to wait some minutes for the processing results. Someone may ask will I be banned using this hack tool. I will tell you with 100% assurance that you are secured with this hack tool, as an anti-banned function has been integrated in this version. So if you need some bananas to boost up this game, you can go to this page to get the Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack Cheats Tool:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Real Racing 3 Hack and Cheats – Unlimited Money and Gold

Real Racing 3 is an excellent and fantasy mobile racing game. This game has been awarded many prizes, such as the winner of Best Mobile Game 2013. Also real racing 3 is the top 1 game in 90 countries. When you playing this game, you should have such feeling - real cars, real people and real tracks. There are more than 1000 events including club races in real racing 3. This gives you more choices than ever. The most exciting thing is that you have opportunity to own more than 500 cars in your collection. In these cars, there are also 79 premium vehicles from Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche and more. The more gold and money you have, the more cars you will own. At the beginning, you will only have a cheap car. After you win some races, you will earn some money and gold. Then you can use these money and gold to upgrade your original cars or purchase a new one. Anyway, if you have a lot of money and gold in this game, you will control all the stuffs – you mean what I said. 

I have been in trouble in getting much more money and gold until I found this real racing 3 hack tool. In fact, I do not use it frequently. I just use it at the beginning. After I get a lot of gold and money, I just forget about it. If you need this real racing 3 hack, just download it from their official sites. Base on my experience, you can generate gold and R Money using this hack tool. There is no limit for the generated amounts. However, I suggest you not over generate or you will destroy the game. The steps of using this hack tool are very simple.
   1.Run real racing 3 hack tool using admin role
   2.Connect your Mobile device to your personal computer
   3.Select your device platform
   4.Input user name of the game
   5.Input the amounts you want to generate
   6.Summit your hack request
This real racing hack tool not only supports ios system but also supports android system. And the current version of this hack tool is 3.1. After download the tool, you should check its version to make sure you have the latest version. If you have any cheats or hacks for real racing 3, you can share it with us via our contact form.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eternity Warriors 3 Hack Coins Cheats

Eternity Warriors 3 is a famous RPG game released on iOS and android platforms. This game has the original story and fighting systems inherited from the previous two versions. So if you are a fan of the Eternity Warriors one and two. You should not miss this new classic RPG game. As I know, there are many updates and inventions applied to Eternity Warriors 3. In Eternity Warriors 3, there are 3 heroes you can choose to play with. Each hero has their own unique ability and boost system. So you need to spend some time to be familiar with these 3 heroes’ properties and skills in order to win this game easily.

The fighting maps of Eternity Warriors 3 is more larger than the first two versions. You need to clear some mandatory maps before you enter into the map of bosses. Also, you will find huge bosses in Eternity Warriors 3. They are much more powerful. You need to level up your heroes before challenge these heroes. The higher level your heroes own, the higher winning possibility you have. In the meantime, you need to pay attention to your heroes’ properties and skills. They are very important to win the battle. I will list two main properties in this game. One is coins the other is gems. In my opinion, it is very hard to get these two items. So if you can find a way to retrieve coins and gems easily and fast, you will win this game without doubt. You had better find a hack tool to general these items for you. This is just my advice.
If you really need a hack cheat tool for this game, I suggest you should try this Eternity Warriors 3 hack tool 4.1 version. This tool is very easy to be used. This tool can do 3 things for you. One is generate coins for you. One is generate gems for you. And the last is give your heroes max level. However, I do not suggest you enable the maximum level feature. As you will lose some interest playing this game. What I usually do is enable the gems hack feature only. For me, it is very difficult to get gems, so with this tool, I can easily get what I want with a lot of gems. Finally, I will give you one important tip-do not use hack tools frequently.